Divider-in-chief just can’t help himself: Republicans must ‘pay a price’ for gridlock

Even as he runs down the clock on his last term in office, President Barack Obama just can’t stop being the “divider-in-chief,” continuing to make sure that America will never come together under his benighted presidency.

Once again, he was attacking Republicans and advocating for them to be punished for not toeing his line.

In a last desperate effort to raise votes for Hillary Clinton, President Obama appeared at a rally in Philadelphia to regale the crowd of supporters to vote for Hillary and for Democrats down-ballot.

And in his signature style, he made sure to attack Republicans.

Here is a transcript of the segment in full:

But she will need your help and she will need help in Washington. If you want Hillary to continue the progress we’ve made, you need to give her allies in the Senate like Katie McGinty. You cannot — there she is right there. You cannot just stick Hillary with Republicans in Congress who are already promising even more unprecedented dysfunction in Washington.

That would be hard to do, but they are promising it. More shutdowns, more obstruction, years of hearings and investigations.

You know, gridlock is not mysterious. It’s not something that happens because both sides are being equally unreasonable.

It has been a stated Republican strategy since I took office, and the only way to break it is to make those who engage in it pay a price.

By electing more Democrats tomorrow.

This from the man who claimed he wanted to be the president of “all the people,” the same president who spent his first three years in office refusing to even meet with Republicans. The same man who has excoriated Republicans every single day for the last 10 years (including his original campaign for president).

Barack Obama has truly been the divider-in-chief.

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