Hillary campaign considered having her bus tables at Denny’s to prove she’s not ‘out of touch’

“Perhaps she busses tables at Denny’s or works behind the counter at McDonald’s or Chipotle’s! “

Washington Post already doing victory dance for Hillary – should she ‘run up the score?’

In the words of Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over,” and November 8 is still three weeks away.

Giuliani explains voter fraud to combative Jake Tapper – ‘dead people generally vote for Democrats’

“I’d have to be a moron” to say the election will be fair in some spots.

Hillary team leak: Fingers crossed San Bernardino killer was a white man instead of a Muslim

Yes, we DID have our fingers crossed that the San Bernadino shooter was white

‘BUCK UP!’ Judge Jeanine warns Christians they ‘may not have a place in Hillary’s America’

Judge Jeanine warns Christians they ‘may not have a place in Hillary’s America’

Mike Pence tells cocky CBS that people are tired of the media’s willful ignorance about Hillary’s sins

“National media doing half of Hillary Clinton’s work for her every day,” Pence said.

Latino Trump supporter, legal immigrant tells the truth about racist Hillary supporters

He said that he was “brainwashed” into voting for President Barack Obama but now knows better.

Lawmaker defends ‘racist’ BLM photo: ‘Oh, good grief. I’m a cattle feeder. It was a joke’

Chambers did not apologize for his statement nor did he resign.

CNN goes with laughable article titled ‘Is the media in the tank for Hillary?’ Guess what it concluded?

Yes, they did.

SNL has done plenty of hit jobs before; see why this one made Donald Trump go off

Media rigging election!

Philly cheesesteak joint started by Italian immigrants removes iconic ‘This is America – Speak English’ sign

Geno’s Steaks released a statement on the removal of the sign, saying it’s time to move on.

Podesta LEAK: Obama forces ‘flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters’ in 2008

“High importance,” Podesta wrote to campaign staffers in a May 2015 email.

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