School board member says moment of silence for 9-11 terror attacks ’causes harm’

Northern Virginia school boards continue to make headlines and not in a good way. The latest incident involves far-left Fairfax County board member Abrar Omeish who voted […]

Police officer catches baby dropped from 2nd story, miraculously unhurt

A New Jersey police officer is being praised for catching a baby who had been dropped off a second-story balcony this Sunday. The Jersey City Police Department […]

Michael Matteo: Time to get mad!

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. One of my favorite movies is “Network,” a 1976 film that is about many of the […]

‘Selfish’ UK man gets 2-weeks in prison for breaking self-isolation rules. Hotel staff reported him.

COVID-19 lockdowns continue to chafe, with many in Europe facing even more draconian measures than those in the United States. The latest example is a man now […]

Jill Biden to the rescue…NYT hilariously gushes she will help President Biden ‘unite’ the nation

The New York Times appears to be attempting to paint first lady Jill Biden as America’s savior, claiming that she “isn’t standing on the sidelines” when it […]

Chuck Todd branded a Republican plant; reporter calls Biden screwups ‘uncontrollable events’

Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire was roundly mocked over a tweet that called President Biden’s missteps “uncontrollable events” and “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd was ridiculously […]

Father of Biden’s drone strike victim speaks out: Nobody from the US bothered to apologize

The political fallout from the August 29 U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan that accidentally killed 10 of the wrong people continues to spread, this time bringing in […]

Gisele Bündchen defends fellow supermodel for saying she will ‘not be forced’ to get the jab

Gisele Bündchen is adamantly defending fellow supermodel Doutzen Kroes after her post on Instagram proclaiming she will “not be forced” into taking a COVID vaccination received harsh […]

Biden goes through media to ‘lobby’ France’s Macron to take his call after botched sub deal

Imagine a scenario where a Republican president had to go through the media to essentially beg a foreign leader to take his phone call. While there’s no […]

Magic Johnson, LeBron James and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti violate county mask mandate and flaunt it

Images have surfaced on social media that depict luminaries such as Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti and several other celebrities allegedly violating Los Angeles County’s indoor mask mandate […]

Analysis indicates Dems could lose 41 House seats

A new analysis of President Joe Biden’s downward-trending approval ratings finds that his Democratic Party could hemorrhage as many as 41 seats in the House during next […]

Greenwald jumps on ‘servants’ pampering AOC; drops hammer on ‘two-tiered mask system’ in US

Video footage from Vogue perfectly captured the truth behind the phenomenon of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez far better than they may have realized. But it gets even better, […]

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