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Magic Johnson, LeBron James and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti violate county mask mandate and flaunt it

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Images have surfaced on social media that depict luminaries such as Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti and several other celebrities allegedly violating Los Angeles County’s indoor mask mandate during a National Football League game.

Los Angeles Lakers retired superstar and former team executive Magic Johnson and current superstar LeBron James separately shared an arm-and-arm, maskless photo of themselves on their respective Twitter feeds purportedly during the same event.

Johnson and James are both Democrats. In James’ case, a particularly vocal one.

The photos in question were purportedly taken at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, during the game between the visiting Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Chargers. Inglewood is located in southwestern Los Angeles County.

For his five million followers, Magic Johnson posted a pic of himself with Garcetti, Democrat Mayor Eric Johnson of Dallas, and Jerry and Stephen Jones of the Cowboys’ ownership group. As a side note, President Joe Biden reportedly intends to nominate Garcetti for U.S. ambassador to India.

Johnson also shared an image of himself standing alongside the man he considers the NBA’s best active player, and James returned the favor for his 50 million followers:

In the game, the Cowboys edged the Chargers 20-17.

Examples of elected Democrats disregarding their own mask edicts, and mostly liberal, pro-mask elites following suit, are lengthy, to say the least.

As alluded to above, the Los Angeles Department of Health requires mask-wearing in all indoor public settings irrespective of vaccine status.

The Chargers website further explains that “masks are required in all areas within SoFi Stadium regardless of vaccination status — including your seats — except when actively eating or drinking.”

Promptly after Gov. Gavin Newsom fended off a recall effort, L.A. County announced that as of October 7, it will require vaccine passports, or a negative COVID test, to attend “outdoor mega events” such as NFL games.

Beginning on the same date, both employees and customers of bars and nightclubs must “verify” their vaccination status.

According to various media reports, the National Basketball Association (which obviously has two L.A. franchises i.e., LeBron’s Lakers and the Clippers) is currently not telling players to get vaccinated, although referees and most staff must get the jab.

Some Twitter users are reacting to the hypocrisy that they perceive in the Magic Johnson/Garcetti, et al., group picture. Here is a sampling:

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