Megyn Kelly says DeSantis is afraid of going on her show

Journalist and podcaster Megyn Kelly accused Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) of being afraid to come on her show after he sat down with fellow journalist Piers Morgan […]

Trump explains why he’s gone nuclear on DeSantis, who ‘begged him in tears’ for endorsement

Former President Donald J. Trump explained why he has savaged Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the past several months, constantly escalating a nasty family feud between the […]

A jovial Biden jokes about ice cream just before offering remarks on Nashville school shooting

President Joe Biden reinforced a concern many have about whether he is disconnected from reality when the 80-year-old president began jing about ice cream before commenting on […]

Tucker says anti-TikTok bill would ‘make America much more like China’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Monday that proposed legislation to ban the Chinese-owned app TikT would “make America much like China.” “One of the bills […]

Satire morphs into reality as nearly 100 Babylon Bee ‘stories’ have prophetically come true

The Babylon Bee’s satire is d by many, many readers and nearly 100 of their heads have at least partially come true, proving that life is stranger […]

Exotic dancers greet Kamala Harris as she arrives in Africa – can visit reboot VP’s trajectory?

Vice President Kamala Harris will have another opportunity to showcase her leadership skills on a trip to Africa where she is spearheading the Biden administration’s efforts to […]

Georgia homeowner shoots, kills intruder as neighbors cook up breakfast

The home intruder who believed that the predawn hours would be a perfect time to break into an Atlanta area home got the biggest surprise of his […]

DeSantis giving Trump a run for his money in two key early primary states

Despite a relentless on pounding from Team Trump and rabid media opposition, a new poll shows Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is competitive with Donald Trump in two […]

Adam Kinzinger linked to pro-Ukrainian org under federal probe, accused of scamming people

Disgraced former “Republican” Rep. Adam Kinzinger reportedly was and may still be a board member of a pro-Ukrainian organization that allegedly bilked people out of their money […]

Megyn Kelly offers hilarious response to ‘Trump is like a hot chick’ tweet

Radio host Megyn Kelly piled on to another commentator’s analysis likening former President Donald Trump to a “hot chick” with some thoughts on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis […]

Elon Musk 2:30 am message to Twitter staff delivers harsh reality check

employees reportedly awe to a harsh reality check on Wednesday. While they slept, the Chief Twit, CEO Elon Musk was burning both ends of the proverbial […]

John Kerry’s elitism exposes when climate alarmist insists he doesn’t travel by private jet

Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s elitism was on full display as attempts to stave off accusations of flying private only crammed his foot further in his […]

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