Nigel Farage says Brits were left aghast at Biden’s ‘utterly bizarre’ meeting, Boris Johnson was ‘stunned’

Nigel Farage, former Brexit Party Leader in the United Kingdom (UK), had some strong words about President Joe Biden’s talk with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The […]

United Airlines sued by employees over ‘draconian’ vaccine policy

United Airlines is experiencing some pushback on its Covid-19 vaccine mandate from its employees. Six employees of United Airlines are listed as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against […]

Woodward: Danger remains because Donald Trump is at large

Bob Woodward, author and journalist of Watergate fame, feels that danger is still out there – because Donald Trump is at large. Woodward’s new book, “Peril,” was […]

Mom-daughter duo face murder charges after illegal Brazilian ‘butt lift’ goes awry, police suspect more victims

What would you do for a nicer figure? For one aspiring social media star, that desire caused a tragedy. A mother-daughter duo in California is facing murder […]

Dana Perino says Dem agenda ‘falling apart before our eyes’; lib media begins to turn on Biden

As the Biden presidency heads towards its ninth month, some commentators are noting that his agenda, and the Democrats’, might be in danger of being seriously derailed. […]

Police officer catches baby dropped from 2nd story, miraculously unhurt

A New Jersey police officer is being praised for catching a baby who had been dropped off a second-story balcony this Sunday. The Jersey City Police Department […]

‘Selfish’ UK man gets 2-weeks in prison for breaking self-isolation rules. Hotel staff reported him.

COVID-19 lockdowns continue to chafe, with many in Europe facing even more draconian measures than those in the United States. The latest example is a man now […]

Father of Biden’s drone strike victim speaks out: Nobody from the US bothered to apologize

The political fallout from the August 29 U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan that accidentally killed 10 of the wrong people continues to spread, this time bringing in […]

Senate Parliamentarian rules it’s not ok for Dems to use $3.5 trillion bill to fund new immigration policy

Democrats suffered another setback on their massive spending bill late Sunday, as the Senate Parliamentarian made the news. Many Americans have never heard of the “Senate Parliamentarian,” […]

New poll finds majority of Americans think US less united under President Biden

A new poll conducted by Fox News was released this Sunday, which indicates that the percentage of respondents who feel the country is more united under President […]

Texas doctor rushes to be first to defy new law, perform illegal abortion to trigger suit

While a Texas law preventing most abortions remains on the books, one doctor has openly flaunted it and proudly performed the fatal operation. The Texas heartbeat law, […]

Women now make up nearly half of first-time gun buyers, ‘MeToo’ movement helping to drive the trend

A report by the Wall Street Journal revealed that nearly half of recent first-time gun purchases have been made by women. According to the report, 3.5 million […]

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