Victoria Toensing floats idea on what to do with ‘every single’ SCOTUS clerk to find the leaker

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(Video: Newsmax)

With the alleged Supreme Court leak dominating the news cycle, hot takes are pouring in from every angle. For Victoria Toensing though, the call to action is to polygraph Supreme Court clerks.

It isn’t currently known who leaked the draft opinion to Politico (though speculation runs rampant.) It isn’t even known if the leak itself is legitimate, but so far, it is being treated as such by just about everyone.

The leak has galvanized screaming rhetoric from both sides, with Democrats claiming that women are under attack and democracy is dying, and Republicans outraged over the idea that a leak happened at the Supreme Court, and feel it compromised the institution’s integrity, and that it is an attempt to intimidate the conservative justices into silence.

One such voice is Toensing, a conservative attorney noted for being part of former President Donald Trump’s team in challenging the 2020 election in court, who was later raided by the FBI as part of an ongoing investigation into former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s activities in Ukraine on behalf of Trump.

On Tuesday, Toensing and her husband, fellow attorney Joseph diGenova, went on Newsmax to comment on the “unprecedented” leak and speculate on the motives, such as the popular theory that it was intended to create pressure on the justices to change their vote.

Toensing then took it a step further and said the FBI needs to intervene and polygraph “every single law clerk in there,” to find out who (if it even was one of the clerks) was responsible.

“It’s bizarre and it’s so unprofessional, but this is what the Democrats do. If they don’t think they’re winning something, they just change the rules. This has never happened before in the Supreme Court, and the FBI has to go and polygraph every single law clerk in there, and if they don’t find something in the law clerks, they’ll have to go to others,” she said.

Toensing insisted that it must have been one of the justice’s clerks, due to the court’s track record of having no leaks for so long, while blaming clerks as the newcomers (though the court has had new clerks for all of its existence,) saying that “this court has gone on for so long with nary a leak, and the law clerks are the only newcomers to the institution.”

As far as calling on the FBI to intervene, Toensing isn’t alone. Laura Ingraham of Fox News came out in a fury on Monday, where she also demanded that the FBI investigate the leak, and look through every clerk’s phone.

“It’s incumbent upon [Chief Justice John Roberts] to bring in every law clerk before him or the FBI. ‘Give me your phone. We want all your accounts. We’ve got to do our own — look at every device you’ve ever used and find out who did this,'” she said.

What, if any, legal or investigative action will be taken remains pure speculation, as of writing, however.


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48 thoughts on “Victoria Toensing floats idea on what to do with ‘every single’ SCOTUS clerk to find the leaker

  1. After one and a half years of the Biden presidency we have experienced the worst totalitarian and ideological governing of the USA. This leak is a attempt to rile the Democrat brown shirts, called “activists” to action, or more correctly to intimidate the judges. This is never going to be “a peaceful demonstration” considering statements in the past by Democrat spokespeople encouraging ” getting in their[ Republicans] face” or “confronting them at restaurants”. There is no room in a free USA for left-wing ideologues in running the country to hell. This is a madness the majority of Americans have awoken to and this lawlessness practiced by a party that talks about saving rights that they themselves trample on cannot continue. “Never Again” has a whole new meaning today. Education and indoctrination are not the same. The former expands the mind by questioning where as the later is feeding the answers without questioning so all will agree.

  2. They should polygraph every justice too. I wouldn’t put it past the leftist partisan justices to do something so immoral.

  3. Hey, BPR, why do spammers get to post websites but legitimate posters cannot?

    I’m starting to think YOU are the source of the spam!

  4. ANOTHER DEMOCRAT PRECEDENT!! What WON’T they do when the POLLS look BAD FOR THEM???

  5. But of course we know when the leaker is exposed, and it will be a liberal, the entire matter will be swept under the rug.

  6. Not just the clerks. Sotomayor is the most likely to have done this. She’s an unqualified gender & race obsessed far left liberal dem affirmative action diversity token hire completely beholden to Bubba Clinton and the traitor Obama.

  7. We’ll have to see what happens or even if there is ever a true investigation of how many or who did this devious act. Was it released by one of the judges on the SC? Released by KBJ?  Released by a law clerk? I am sure they will never find out, especially if the FBI or any form of the DOJ gov’t branches, and Congress are involved. I did learn one thing about the SC from Justice Robert’s statement. It’s like a round table between the judges, a give and take, kind of like a quid-pro-quo, where I trade a constitutional right, I want, for an unconstitutional right, you want, kind of thing.

  8. Instead of a lowly clerk, perhaps the leak was deliberately made by one of the liberal justices on the Supreme Court – just in time for the mid-terms. That would sway a lot of women to vote Democratic wouldn’t it? If not one of the SCOTUS judges, perhaps someone else with the same intent.

    1. For our sake, I pray the “swaying women” plan fails, or even backfires. Too many innocents are dead because of a federally imposed “right” to do away with the unwanted consequences of treating women like sex toys. Putting it that way almost leaves me thinking they’d be more interested in swaying “men” to side with them. Men will always have as much of a stake in this as women, and for many of the same reasons.

  9. Well now all three branches of government have now been comprised and becoming more and more dysfunctional. Does this mean we are getting close to a military takeover.
    If this leak was with the knowledge, request or order of a justice, impeachment is in order. It is one thing to do things that pressure elected officials but this should not happen to justices.

    1. Put Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer on the machine. It was more than just likely one of them.

  10. Is there anything lefties don’t make worse? If there is it’s well hidden. The “leak” of the draft sounds more like the work of someone trying to “save” abortion. Lefties have this despicable procedure as a sacrament of their perverted pseudo-religion.

      1. It won’t save them. 70% of the country think there should be limits on abortion.

  11. Wonder if the democrats will look into this as an insurrection. If this is true, it classifies more as more so than 1/6.

  12. Victoria, lie detectors don’t work. Look at Joey Biden, he wouldn’t know the truth if it bit his backside. Now the way to get a real confession is to pull a page from the old Catholic inquisition, they knew how to get results. Joey’s a good Catholic, he could probably give them pointers. I’m sure the Smithsonian has an old rack in storage somewhere. It’s right there in DC, saves shipping and handling! Netflix would probably be happy to record the proceedings and then make a fortune televising them.

    1. Biden’s a special case, when it comes to lie-detectors, though. I doubt law-clerks would be in the same boat.

  13. I wonder if the newly appointed justice had anything to do with the leak????

    1. I doubt it. Hell, she doesn’t even know what she is, leaking something is way harder than that.


  15. It seems to me that waterboarding would be the most appropriate technique to find out who the Supreme Court leaker was. As a matter of fact, I think all government workers should be waterboarded at intervals in order to find out who the commies are and fire them immediately.

  16. I would look at Sotomayor or Kagan as well as the clerks. Also there are a lot of non-lawyers employed by SCOTUS who have access to this type material. Also, Breyer’s on his way out, so…..

  17. I wouldn’t bet against Roberts being the leaker. Amazing how quickly leftists lined up with already made signs to protest.

    1. Yeh and Hillary made comments 2 days before that possibly indicated something was up.

  18. I no longer believe an f’n thing emanating from that criminal cesspool of deceit and manipulation called Washington, D.C.

  19. The Robert court is a pathetic cesspool of Political correctness – the leaker will never be outed, and even if they were found out-nothing would be done-some insane liberal judge somewhere on a district or appellate court would hire them as their clerk.

  20. Democrats screech with pain when prevented from kkiilling babies. They are a disgusting lot and demonstrate their immoral beliefs daily.

  21. fbi doing a non partisan investigation involving lefty and democrat law clerks? Hahahahahahaha… that a effing joke. They would absolutely cover for the leaker.

        1. That makes me feel better. But now I’m sure we’re both wondering the same thing: how do we make sure she doesn’t get seated?

      1. These are the same nutjobs who claim to believe men can get pregnant. It doesn’t have to come down to protecting “women”, whatever that word means to them.

  22. Was there a law broken or is it just Democrat low standards. This person Amit that works for Soromayor seems to be the most likely person of interest

  23. My understanding was that Supreme Court Clerks are required to sign confidentiality agreements that even continue after they leave that post. Am I mistaken in this? Wouldn’t the breach of contract be criminally prosecutable?

    1. At least, it is a disbarment offense and a career-ender. If they lie to federal law enforcement, it is criminal.

  24. If no clerk will admit to the leak, then, all must not only be fired, but, disbarred, even, jailed. But, what if one of the lefties on the SC did this? What would be the appropriate penalty for this traitor?

  25. My thought too. And anyone who refuses… fire them on the spot.

  26. Dems are pigs… period!

    If another next civil war starts – and they better hope it doesn’t – I’m going to make it my mission to hunt them down like the filthy animals they are.

  27. if they don’t find something in the law clerks, they’ll have to go to others,” she said.

    would the “others” be the Supremes ?

    1. How about polygraphing the security team at the Supreme Court, and including any Capitol Police assigned to the court.

    2. “Others” would be like the court reporter, lawyers that are in chambers either arguing fir or against a matter before the court. If allowed.. spectators (which in this case should be ‘none’!

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