Nunes says Durham probe uncovering docs ‘clearly hid from Congress,’ suggests criminal elusion

Many of the FBI documents that have in recent weeks been unveiled by special counsel John Durham were subpoenaed years ago by then-House Intelligence Committee chair Devin […]

‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa apologizes for taking pictures inside Sistine Chapel after blowback

Hollywood actor Jason Momoa, famous for a number of roles he’s played, including “Aquaman,” has apologized for making a slight boo-boo during a recent visit to the […]

Pelosi on complaints about sending baby formula to border: ‘Babies are crying, we need to get them food’

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) deflected when ABC “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos asked her about the nationwide baby formula shortage. Instead of providing more specifics […]

Ted Nugent causes uproar when he urges fans to go ‘berserk on skulls of Dems, Marxists & communists’

Rocker Ted Nugent caused an uproar Saturday night when a portion of an appearance at event with former President Donald Trump was posted to social media where […]

Self-described ‘queer surgeon’ says banning puberty blockers results in more ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries

States controlled by conservative Republicans have begun to take steps to reverse the terrible influence of groomers and their enablers who have in many cases seduced impressionable […]

#WordSaladKamala – VP Harris: ‘We will work together… to work together as we continue to work’

Like going to your favorite local eatery, sitting down to listen to Vice President Kamala Harris is a surefire way to get the usual and — in […]

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross backs unhinged claim Clarence Thomas ‘most corrupt justice in history’

  A regular MSNBC panelist with a history of making outlandish, if not unhinged, statements about conservatives, claims, without evidence, that highly respected Clarence Thomas, the longest […]

Poll shows 1 in 4 men believe women should face murder charge if they get illegal abortion

A new poll has been released, showing that support for criminalization of women getting abortions has reached a significant percentage: 25 percent of men interviewed. Since the […]

Lawrence Jones asks his mom on air why she chose to have him at 16, her answer is awe-inspiring

  Thanks to a decision to not abort made decades ago by his mother, Fox News host Lawrence Jones is alive and well. But why? Why did […]

NBA team cancels Game 7 playoff watch party after 21 injured in several shootings near arena

The National Basketball Association’s reigning champion Milwaukee Bucks have canceled a watch party for the team’s vital seventh game against the Boston Celtics following an explosion of […]

Biden cites ‘white nationalist ideology’ to call for end of ‘domestic terrorism’ following Buffalo shooting

Like ideologue moths to their rhetorical flames, the left can’t help but pivot everything toward an agenda-driven talking point, and President Joe Biden set the standard Saturday […]

Child psychologist: Sexual behavior develops ‘first,’ babies in utero ‘play with their genitals because its exciting’

A licensed child psychologist from NYU Langone Health, an academic medical center in New York City, is facing scrutiny over a TikTok video showing her arguing that […]

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