‘We’ve got a wonderful country’: WWII vet goes viral for heartwarming rendition of national anthem

An atypical singer is making a huge splash, both in Comstock, Michigan and on social media for his rendition of the national anthem. John Pylman, 96, is […]

Afghan president pleads for help as Democrats defend Biden’s withdrawal

The latest disaster in the Afghan pullout appears poised to play out: the final Taliban assault on the capital of Kabul. President Joe Biden’s enormously controversial decision […]

DeSantis rolls out ‘rapid response unit’ to deliver antibody treatment to COVID-19 patients

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is creating a “rapid response unit” to dispense monoclonal antibody treatments to state residents who have become infected with Covid-19. The announcement […]

Batman sidekick comes out of the closet after LGBT pressures comic for a queer Robin

In the progressive push to re-write iconic comic and action heroes to conform to LGBT narratives, Batman’s sidekick, Robin, has become the latest casualty. The third Robin […]

‘Profile in courage’: Loudoun County teacher resigns with an impassioned plea against CRT to board

In an emotional, poignant address, a teacher in Virginia has resigned during a school board meeting in protest of the increased politicization of education. Laura Morris, who […]

John Kerry’s family jet emitted around 30 times more carbon than average American does all year

Vocal climate change theory proponent John Kerry seems to be struggling to practice what he preaches. Fox News conducted a review of the flight data for Kerry’s […]

Crafty Colorado bear gives eye-popping reason to keep ALL your doors locked at night

Locking your car doors is a good idea in general, but in Estes Park, Colorado, a bear recently demonstrated why. Over 8 vehicles were opened by a bear […]

Leaked doc claims 20 percent migrant children leaving Border Patrol custody covid positive: report

A devastating new internal report has been leaked from the Biden administration showing a shocking number of COVID cases among illegal immigrant children. According to NBC News, […]

‘This is by design’: Homan demands accountability on border disaster, GOP calls for Mayorkas ouster grow

Former ICE chief Tom Homan thinks it’s “better late than never” for Republican lawmakers to be moving to impeach Department of Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas. Mayorkas […]

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