Crafty Colorado bear gives eye-popping reason to keep ALL your doors locked at night

Locking your car doors is a good idea in general, but in Estes Park, Colorado, a bear recently demonstrated why. Over 8 vehicles were opened by a bear […]

Candace Owens: Time to ignore ‘sophisticated’ elites ‘laughing at you’, and ‘protest’ by living your best life

Conservative podcaster and author Candace Owens recommended that Americans begin protesting new COVID mandates and recommendations by simply ignoring “elites” who harp about them and “living” their […]

‘Tear it down’: Steve Hilton says if parents want their power back, teachers unions have to go

Fox News host Steve Hilton blasted teachers’ unions on “The Next Revolution,” saying parents have been stripped of their power when it comes to determining what is […]

DC mayor warns gov’t workers ‘face adverse employment action’ if they don’t get the jab, or test weekly

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Tuesday that all government employees and teachers must receive COVID vaccinations by Sept. 19 or get tested weekly to avoid “adverse […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene doubles down on vax criticism after she’s punished by Twitter AGAIN

The public-private partnership has struck again with Twitter moving to silence Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene following a tweet that was critical of the vaccines that are being […]

Levin: Dems on way to one-party rule for country, use ‘militia wing’ BLM, Antifa to help make it happen

Conservative Fox News host Mark Levin did not pull any punches on his show “Life, Liberty & Levin” Sunday and bluntly called out Black Lives Matter and […]

‘PSYCH!’ Tom Hanks’ son calmly lures viewers in before exploding with anti-Covid vax rant

Actor Tom Hank’s son Chester Hanks, aka Chet Hanx, is drawing plenty of eyeballs after an anti-vax Instagram rant shared on Thursday. The “White Boy Summer” rapper […]

NSA announces internal probe aimed at ‘improperly targeted’ member of ‘U.S. media’ following Carlson allegation

The National Security Agency’s internal watchdog has launched an investigation into allegations made by Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he was “improperly targeted” by the spy […]

Trump tears into ‘overrated’ McConnell and his desire to ‘give Biden a victory’, right before GOP did

Declaring that he no longer has to be “quiet,” former President Donald Trump tore into Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for supporting the Democrats’ massive $1.2 trillion […]

Leaked doc claims 20 percent migrant children leaving Border Patrol custody covid positive: report

A devastating new internal report has been leaked from the Biden administration showing a shocking number of COVID cases among illegal immigrant children. According to NBC News, […]

‘God bless America’: Reaction pours in as Cuomo resigns over groping allegations, skates on nursing home deaths

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shockingly announced on Tuesday that he would resign in 14 days following an explosive investigation that found he had sexually harassed 11 […]

Ted Cruz gears up to battle Dems with legislation: The mandates are coming … and it’s political

Sen. Ted Cruz lashed out at Democrats Monday over their support for the reimposition of mask mandates and other coronavirus-related restrictions despite recent instances where they have […]

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