Arizona parents who exposed secret dossier designed to silence them sue ex-school board president and family

Three Arizona parents have filed a lawsuit seeking damages after they discovered a dossier kept on parents deemed to be adversarial by a Scottsdale School Board. The […]

‘The talk of the town’: Colorado parents clamor to new school created to be politics-free

(Video: Fox News) A new school has opened in Colorado that has brought in a flood of parents seeking to avoid politicized education. The Merit Academy of […]

Black News Channel suddenly goes bankrupt, leaving many employees feeling ‘betrayed’ and wanting answers

(Video Credit: 11Alive) The Black News Channel unexpectedly shut down in March, a little more than two years after it was founded, shuttering its doors and failing […]

Leftist activists advised to nix ‘white privilege’ term, study shows it’s just not working how they’d hoped

The face of social justice campaigns is changing, or at least it is hoped to change, for some activists at the University of Michigan. In a recent […]

‘What an insult to women!’ AP gives woke style guidance update for use of ‘pregnant people’

With the leak of an opinion draft from the Supreme Court that indicates Roe v. Wade will soon be overturned, abortion rights are filling the 24/7 news […]

Blue check journo begrudgingly deletes ‘thought experiment’ tweets about murdering Justices Thomas and Alito

Another leftist has broadcast their fantasies of violence and murder on Twitter with seemingly no repercussions from the current platform censors. This time, it’s a blue-check journo […]

Carville: GOP ‘justified’ in believing Dems will ‘sit around’ and yack about ‘veganism and pronouns’ if Roe’s nixed

(Video Credit: CNN) Democratic strategist James Carville appeared on CNN’s “OutFront” Thursday and told host Erin Burnett that Republicans don’t fear any political ramifications for overturning the […]

Media reports of ‘classified’ documents found at Mar-a-Lago were reportedly already declassified

A report that documents marked “classified” were found at former President Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago, is misleading, according to former top Trump official Kash Patel, who says […]

‘How is this not the biggest story?’ Young parents hit panic mode as baby formula shortage worsens

Oh, baby—we’re in trouble now. The nation’s shortage of baby formula continues to worsen, and parents of infants across the country are beginning to notice. Now they’re […]

Nunes says Trump ‘encouraged’ Musk to buy Twitter, ‘take on tech tyrants’; Elon remembers it differently

(Video Credit: Fox Business) Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes appeared on Fox Business’s “Varney & Co.” Thursday and told host Stuart Varney that former President Donald Trump […]

Staff emails reportedly show how far middle school willing to go to deceive parents, keep them in the dark

PA school tries to hide student’s gender transition from parents, LGBTQ+ content promoted to middle schoolers A number of staff members’ emails at Charles F Patton Middle […]

Tucker asks why no one’s allowed to question 2020 election: It’s our right as Americans to seek the truth

(Video: Fox News) With the future of the Republic hanging in the balance and the most important two elections in the nation’s history coming up later this […]

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