VA hospital reportedly ignores dead veteran, leaves body in shower for 9 hours!

The report also found some employees “falsely documented” the incident after the fact.

Obama teaches Trevor Noah about ‘flying blind without intel briefings’ – he’s an expert, after all

President Obama took a jab at his successor in remarks about the importance of daily intelligence briefings. Julian Assange associate: It was a leak, not a hack and […]

Federal judge denies electors’ demand to unbind vote; they’re willing to face charges and jail


Spare the liberal outrage, leaked emails show Clintons thought Tillerson was a pretty great guy

Let the spinning begin!

National Association of Manufacturers hails Trump administration as ‘music to manufacturers’ ears’

The United States is open for business.

Watters heads to Canada to see what they think of Trump’s victory

Many were stumped on what President-elect Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had in common.

George Stephanopoulos’ wife tells ‘The View’ their upset 14-year-old girl screamed ‘no abortions!’ when Trump won

And she was proud!

This global warming law would cost the average household $13,703

The levies, taxes and subsidies associated with the Climate Change Act cost . . .

Lois Lerner
Congress passes bill to let federal watchdogs do their jobs, protects access official documents

“Access shouldn’t depend on who sits in the corner office . . .”

Elizabeth Warren’s October ‘big-boy pants’ tweets are seriously the most delicious irony ever!

Read. Laugh. Repeat!

Jeb mocks the fear mongers and takes Trump’s side on Russia, but he didn’t stop there

“I mean, come on.”

Wonder Woman booted from job as UN ambassador because she’s too hot, patriotic and white?

Big breasts are offensive to feminist?

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