Rush Limbaugh: ‘don’t tell me that the CIA isn’t politicized when everything the hell else is’

“They can undermine. They can lie to a president.”

Obama shrugs at hacks, marvels at Clinton’s ‘fairly routine’ email domination

Obama gives another joke of an interview to Trevor Noah on “The Daily Show.”

Thank you for playing! Mitt Romney confirms he’s out as Sec of State . . . in a very ‘Trump-like’ way

“All that butt-kissing for nothing.”

Punked? Roger Stone says Trump was ‘pretending’ to consider Romney ‘to torture him’ – Team Trump responds

Roger Stone, who was ousted from the Trump campaign in August 2015, took delight in fanning rumors that Trump was merely punking Romney.

Wisconsin recount ends with more embarrassment for Hillary

. . . one vote for every $21,605 spent by Stein.