‘You need a padded room, sir!’ Melodramatic Keith Olbermann goes FULL crazy over Russia-Trump ‘coup’

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China is trying to teach Trump a lesson on deals

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Trump tight-lipped on why he met with Kanye West today; source reveals who reached out to who

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Dems are having a really bad day! Trump picks fmr Texas Gov. Rick Perry for ironic Cabinet job


WaPo’s next-level Obama homage is ‘worse than fake news’

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Classy for Trump’s inauguration! ‘No lip-syncing Beyoncé,’ check out the world-class talent in the works

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Former army intel officer: CIA director is playing political games, ‘John Brennan is a political animal’

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Trump postpones presser about his businesses; guess which ignoramuses ask ‘what is he’s hiding?’

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