Mysteries of the Obama administration that must and will be solved

Will Americans know everything about what Obama called the “most transparent administration ever.”

‘Give Trump a chance’ – arm yourself with a message battle plan for a peaceful Thanksgiving

Widespread concern about politically inspired family conflict erupting on Turkey Day is evident when one googles, “Thanksgiving after Trump win.”

Campaign Caption Contest: If planes could talk….

Surely you can write a better caption, so here is a chance to show off your creativity.

Donald Trump’s new Pennsylvania Avenue address is already ‘making America great again’

“If I don’t get there one way, I’m going to get to Pennsylvania Avenue another. “

Forget what you’ve heard, FOX News is NOT imploding

Speaking of that “strong bench of talent…”

Yes, ‘Trump media’ news network is in the works as ‘plan B’ if Hillary wins, insider reveals

Trump will not quietly fade into the background.

Is Hillary copying LBJ’s 1964 landslide playbook?

“Unfit” practically mirrors “Daisy” minus the nuclear explosion . . .”

Media challenge: Ask Bill Clinton these 5 questions

“It is incumbent on the media to ask him these important questions repeatedly between now and November.”

Fighting ISIS: Oliver North hosts special on the battle ahead

With this week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels dominating the news, a timely Fox News Channel special report, “War Stories: Fighting ISIS,” is scheduled to air on Friday. […]

BPR Buzzworthy: Jesse Watters is self-aware, loved by grandmas . . . and about to rock Al Sharpton’s world

Jesse Watters currently serves as the host of a series of monthly specials on Fox News Channel (FNC) entitled “Watters’ World” which provides viewers a comedic look […]

BPR Buzzworthy with Rich Lowry: Wisdom from one of today’s top conservative media leaders

Rich Lowry is editor of the prestigious National Review and a conservative opinion leader across many media platforms.  He is a syndicated columnist, a commentator for the Fox News […]

BPR Buzzworthy with Joe Scarborough: ‘I’m just about as conservative today as I have always been’

Former Congressman Joe Scarborough,  R-Fla., is the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” which airs for three hours weekdays starting at 6 a.m. Along with co-host Mika Brzezinski, […]