Racial confrontation between 2 teens doesn’t end well for one girl

In too many ways, it’s a sad time in America; nowhere is that fact more on display than in a fight between two presumably teenage girls. The […]

riots, rally
Radical left groups organize for massive spring protests; prepare for arrests

If you thought the anti-Trump riots in Chicago were unruly, just wait until you hear what may be coming. Some of the same far-left groups behind the […]

New Orleans student government leader says ‘right-handed people’ need to check their privilege

A University of New Orleans student government executive argues that aside from white males, college students, U.S. citizens, and even right-handers need to “check their privilege.”

Now you’re catching on! Dem complains that GOP wants to ’emasculate government’

After all these years, Democrats may finally be catching on to this limited government thing. Not quite realizing how accurately he was describing the idea of limited […]

Desperate Hillary makes guest appearance on raunchy sitcom

It’s no secret that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has struggled to inspire enthusiasm among millennials, which is perhaps why she chose to make a guest appearance on the irreverent and often raunchy sitcom, ‘Broad City.’

Like Common Core math: Republican Party’s delegate allocation process is totally bonkers

The hotly contested GOP nomination has brought increased attention to the intricacies of primary and caucus rules. While many people are aware of winner-take-all and proportional delegate states…

Couple pays $4.99 for Purple Heart at Goodwill, finds rightful family

A Mesa, Arizona, couple stumbled on the highly regarded Purple Heart medal at their local Goodwill store for a whopping $4.99, local news KNXV reported. Feeling undeserving […]

Not another white guy! Black women’s group says Obama’s Supreme Court pick a ‘slap in the face’

African American women’s groups feel President Barack Obama let them down with his choice of Merrick Garland as the Supreme Court nominee to fill the vacancy left by […]

Hillary faces national security branches’ outrage, ‘uprising’ over emails

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is facing an “uprising” in the national security establishment prompted by long-standing anger about her cavalier handling of classified materials and government secrets.

DJ fined for playing ‘F- the Police’ as officers try to clear overcrowded bar

Anyone with half a brain cell knows that if a building becomes overcrowded, it makes for a very dangerous situation: Add copious amounts of alcohol and you’ve got […]

Video: Eerie lightning bolt rocks Trump Tower Chicago as polls close; speculation abounds

Was a lightning bolt that struck an ironically specific city high-rise a mere coincidence or an ominous sign from above? Just as Illinois polls were closing on […]

baseball, white sox, laroche
MLB star threatens to retire after being told he can’t bring kid to work every day

It looks like a baseball star is about to sacrifice a huge salary and end his career on the principle of “family first.” Chicago White Sox veteran Adam LaRoche is […]

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