AMEN Sheriff Clarke: ‘Best thing about Obama presidency right now is that it’s coming to an end’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has never been a fan of President Obama.

After filing lawsuit Sikh Army captain receives first pardon to wear long hair, turban

Capt. Simratpal Singh has dutifully and loyally served in the U.S. Army for nearly a decade despite its grooming and appearance decorum.

Infamous Kentucky judge with race issues sues conduct commission over right to freely express them

One Kentucky Judge is well-known for stirring controversy in the Bluegrass State, and this time he may have taken it too far.

Arab woman goes on stabbing spree in middle of street; watch how Israelis take her down!

In a place like Israel, the threat of a terrorist attack is constantly looming, and citizens and laymen alike are always on high alert.

Anti-Trump protesters reveal ad on Craigslist promised to pay them $16 an hour

Violent riotsand clashes at Donald Trump’s rallies were suppose to have the appearance of organic protests against the GOP presidential front-runner. But apparently, everything has its price. […]

Hijab-wearing woman tears up Israeli flag at Brussels memorial site; Palestinian thugs follow suit

A woman veiled ina hijab ripped an Israeli flag to shreds at a memorial site in Brussels following the terrorist attacks on Tuesday. In a blatant actof […]

Herman Cain shuts down anti-Trump activist for unbelievable race-baiting smear

On “The Kelly File” Friday night, host Megyn Kelly and former presidential candidate Herman Cain toon two anti-Trump activists who claim GOP front-runner Donald Trump is a […]

Teacher canned for showing horrified middle schoolers ISIS beheading video

Amiddle school teacher in the Bronx gave her eighth-grade students a crash course on the harsh reality of ISIS terrorism — by showing her students a beheading […]

Krauthammer’s take on state of GOP race: Fight’s over, anti-establishment has won

On Fox News’ “Special Report” Friday night, syndicated columnist and pundit Charles Krauthammer commented on the state of the 2016 presidentialrace following Sen. Ted Cruz’s press statement […]

Couple pays $4.99 for Purple Heart at Goodwill, finds rightful family

A Mesa, Arizona, couple stumbled on the highly regarded Purple Heart medal at their local Goodwill store for a whopping $4.99, local news KNXV reported. Feeling undeserving […]

GOP official reminds voters: We choose nominee, not you

Voters have beencoming out in droves to vote for their presidentialcandidate of choice. That fire is quickly dimmedwith the reminder that it is in fact the political […]

Russian immigrant lays out POWERFUL pro-American message for naïve Sanders supporters

Finally, someone who is speaking authoritatively about what a socialist government and president couldbring to America. Russian immigrant and professional chess player Garry Kasparov spe to The […]

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