Starbucks might want to reconsider giving employees black markers after MORE trouble

Starbucks found itself apologizing after a customer got more than he bargained for with his coffee order.

AMEN Sheriff Clarke: ‘Best thing about Obama presidency right now is that it’s coming to an end’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has never been a fan of President Obama.

Dems giddy over reported Laura Bush endorsement for Hillary Clinton

Democrats giddy about Laura Bush’s recent comments on the presidential election are getting a dose of reality.

‘Morning Joe’ figures out Dems are dirty, asks ‘why does the Party even have voting booths?’

The primary system for the Democratic Party is so corrupt, an MSNBC host wondered why they even bother with voting booths.

Imagine if he were Republican! NYC Mayor de Blasio jokes about ‘colored people time’ with Hillary

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joked about how long it took him to endorse Hillary Clinton, saying it was because he operates on “CP time,” which is short for “colored people time.”

Obama leaves Scarborough in utter disbelief: He just rigged Hillary investigation, made fools of FBI

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called out President Obama for defending Hillary Clinton.

Obama’s policy punishes ‘racist’ teachers who discipline criminal students

Two-thirds of teachers say they fear for their safety, and 43% complain their schools are no longer committed to protecting them…

Federal judge allows activists to argue global warming violates constitutional rights

A federal judge recently ruled in favor of environmental activists suing the government for not doing enough to fight global warming. The judge denied motions to dismiss claims by activists that global warming violated their constitutional rights.

Celebs punishing conservatives: Bryan Adams does shows in Egypt, but cancels Mississippi

What would Americans do if aging rock stars didn’t tell them how to think?

Trump responds to CIA director’s ‘ridiculous’ refusal to waterboard under new president’s orders

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said CIA Director John Brennan’s refusal to allow waterboarding was “ridiculous.”

‘Drunken Irishman’ headline shows it’s OK to bash some groups – as long as they’re white and male

It’s difficult to say who rates lower on the totem pole these days, an Irishman or a run-of-the-mill white male.

‘Jesus-man in the White House?’ Phil Robertson kicks off NASCAR with unusual prayer

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson thanked God, the Bible and guns when he kicked off a NASCAR race on Sunday.

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