Starbucks might want to reconsider giving employees black markers after MORE trouble

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Starbucks found itself apologizing after a customer got more than he bargained for with his coffee order.

The man, who has remained anonymous, ordered a grande white mocha with extra classic syrup at a St. Augustine, Florida, location and when he was handed his drink, he saw this message on his cup: “DIABETES HERE I COME.”

The outraged man, who said he works near the Starbucks and had the coffee brought to him by a coworker, posted the picture to Facebook and shared it with WJAX.

Before he posted the picture online, he wrote on his label “2 of my sisters are diabetic, so … not funny.”

“Starbucks strives to provide an inclusive and positive experience for our customers, and were disappointed to learn of this incident. We are working directly with the customer to apologize for his experience, and with our partners (employees) to ensure this does not happen again,” Starbucks told ABC News in a statement.

A rather flagrant faux pas for a company who just recently took a thinly-veiled shot at Donald Trump while lecturing the rest of America about how to have discourse.

Also interesting because the barista apparently had no problem shaming someone for ordering a sugary drink but one of the company’s baristas couldn’t even manage to speak the name Donald Trump.

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Carmine Sabia


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