Woman uses kitchen knives to cut 8-month-old baby out of womb, and judge’s ruling is tough…

Colorado law does not recognize killing a fetus as murder…

Left touts lesbian getting kicked out of bathroom video as proof of law’s injustice; but is it relevant?

Recently proponents of allowing grown men to go to the bathroom with girls and women have been pushing a video on social media to show those with common sense the “error of their ways.”

target screen shot
Target’s stock prices plummet as boycott surpasses 1 million! How much has superstore lost?

Following Target’s recent stance in support of transgender customers and employees, which allows men who identify as women to use whichever bathroom or fitting room they prefer, the nation’s second largest retailer’s stock price has dropped 5.8 percent.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has strong suggestion for ‘dump Trump’ Republicans

Florida Gov. Rick Scott thinks the Republicans should stop helping Hillary Clinton.

The world’s most powerful atomic particle collider shut down after tiny unexpected visitor pops in

That’s the way the money goes…

President Obama nowhere to be found as North Koreans sentence captured American to horrendous fate

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning news blast HERE Weakness invites mischief, and in this case, something even worse… With President Barack Obama […]

The United States just recorded its first case of someone dying from Zika virus

Let’s hope medical professionals can get this disease under control before it spreads further…

anti-trump protester screen shot
Calif protester’s outrageous rant: ‘We don’t need a white man telling us he’s gonna build a wall in our land’

An anti-Trump protester at the California Republican Convention boldly declared Friday that “we” want Donald Trump out of “our land.”

Brother of San Bernardino terrorist arrested by FBI

The brother of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook was arrested by the FBI on Thursday.

Republican Party should stop what it’s doing & look at this poll about what Americans thinks of it

If anything is clear in an election cycle being dominated by Donald Trump, a businessman with . . .

Reagan’s Alzheimer’s illness no longer funny to Will Ferrell as Hollywood actor just announced reversal

Actor Will Ferrell earned gratitude and praise after backing out of a proposed comedy film project.

The left’s absolutely furious after Supreme Court crushes hopes of putting end to Texas law

The law makes it a lot more difficult for progressives to overturn similar laws across the country…

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