Obama’s weakness astounds as Russian fighter pilots pull mid-air stunt to humiliate Air Force

With Russia now openly taunting the U.S. military, Americans have to wonder where is President Barack Obama?

Princeton scholars peg Trump with 97 percent chance to win nomination EVEN if he loses Indiana

Want more hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning news blast HERE Ted Cruz is fighting hard in Indiana, but it may not matter. The Princeton […]

Hillary lets out a doozy of a ‘racist slur’ and PC police are ALL OVER IT!

If you’re part of a party that screams racism every 10 seconds, you better watch your own tongue.

Megyn Kelly stunned viewers with her take on bathroom bill: ‘What the Hell is wrong w u Megyn?’

Megyn Kelly stunned Fox News viewers on Friday when she sided against the North Carolina law that prevents men from entering women’s bathrooms.

Video: Violent leftist mob forces Trump to ditch car, face fence by foot to access back of hotel

Donald Trump was forced to take an unusual route to an event in California.

Anti-Trump riots in California explode as protesters storm last place GOP wants them to be

For a second day, anti-Trump protesters targeted Republican front-runner Donald Trump, demonstrating outside the California Republican Convention.

Dear journalists: Comedian Amy Schumer insists you use this term instead of ‘gun control’

Comedian Amy Schumer has scolded journalist who used, what she deemed, the wrong language when talking about her skit on gun control.

Blue Lives Matter sends Beyonce message from above while she gets full police protection in Tampa

Beyonce get a message from above while on her “Formation” world tour in Tampa, Florida.

Watch National Review editor try to convince Cavuto pro-Trumpers to blame for Calif rally violence

Some people allow their hatred for Donald Trump to make them lose sight of common sense and reality.

Ted Cruz needs win in Indiana to stay alive in race, but he just got a major endorsement…

Winning Indiana is a must if Ted Cruz wants to stay in the game.

Michael Strahan’s look of shock is priceless as Kelly Ripa ‘goes there’ on show reunion

He definitely was NOT expecting this…

Prince’s treasure trove worth millions discovered after authorities literally drill into his vault

Meanwhile, the rock legend’s fortune is in complete shambles…