GOP chair apologizes for Lewinsky metaphor describing how Hillary will go down… in POTUS race!

Of course, he didn’t mean anything nasty by it!

Indiana Gov Pence endorses Cruz while piling on the praise for Trump

You won’t be the only one to find this strange.

New report claims Huma Abedin nearly started CRYING at thought of Hillary carrying her own bags

Hillary Clinton’s got some problems, and they all seem to make her more and more elitist.

Millennial’s powerful ‘call to action’ for her generation goes viral

Her parent’s should be proud.

Listen to unbelievable way CNN host describes anti-Trump thugs who ravaged city streets

CNN isn’t even trying to hide their liberal bias these days.

Breaking: Violent anti-Trump thugs swarm, clash with police, try to keep Trump from rally

As Ann Coulter just tweeted, this is “total Third World!”

Brave 11-year-old boy defends home, makes intruder cry ‘like a little baby’

Maybe now, the intruder will learn his lesson…

trump-hillary screen shot
Trump just called Hillary one of the all time greats. . . but it’s not what you think

GOP front-runner Donald Trump is no longer holding back against Hillary Clinton.

Proposed ‘John Wayne Day’ becomes victim of PC madness as lib lawmakers refuse to honor iconic actor

An American icon’s memory…

Fiorina trashes Trump for touting Mike Tyson endorsement — let’s just say she’s not a fan

Carly Fiorina is not a Mike Tyson fan.

Arkansas police dept wouldn’t roll with Christian slogan, but picked this 3-word one instead

One police department is bucking the trend…

Alec Baldwin will take hosting gig on classic game show — but will he spoil it?

The famous actor will host on ABC on Sunday nights…