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Arkansas police dept wouldn’t roll with Christian slogan, but picked this 3-word one instead

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One police department is bucking the trend…

The Austin, Arkansas Police Department has affixed new decals on the rear of their squad cars. But unlike many law enforcement departments that display the words “In God We Trust” on their vehicles, Austin has gone constitutional.

The police cruisers say, “We The People.”

Early this month the department posted this to its Facebook page:

“This is to reflect that as law enforcement officers, we are committed and sworn to uphold the laws of this nation and the ideals of the Constitution, without bias, prejudice, or personal opinion,” Police Chief James Kulesa said. “It further reflects law enforcement officers are also ‘We The People.’”

The Lonoke News reported:

Austin Chief of Police James Kulesa said he decided to go his own way in making a statement with patrol cars, instead of the popular national motto, he chose the opening of the U.S. Constitution, “We the people.” “This is what it is all about, us, the people,” he said. While “In God We Trust” is sometimes controversial, “There is no question with this, and it covers everybody… and it means the officers are part of the people.” There have been no complaints about the phrase being on the vehicles, he added.


Granted, “We The People” would be unlikely to give rise to complaint, but it could also be viewed as bowing to political correctness. After all, “In God We Trust” makes a much stronger statement.

What do you think?

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