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New report claims Huma Abedin nearly started CRYING at thought of Hillary carrying her own bags

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Hillary Clinton’s got some problems, and they all seem to make her more and more elitist.

Devoted Clinton aide Huma Abedin was once nearly brought to tears when she was met with the prospect that Clinton may have to carry her own bags, an anonymous source said, accordng to a report published by Newsweek Thursday.

“Abedin took her duties so seriously, the source recalled, that when she learned that Clinton had once carried her own bag up a flight of stairs in her aide’s absence, Abedin nearly burst into tears,” the report claims.

The source also told Newsweek that “A lot of times, Hillary would snap her fingers and go, ‘Gum.’ And Huma would fetch it.”

Abedin, has been working for the Clintons since 1996, when White House intern and former President Bill Clinton’s fling Monica Lewinsky also started working.

This might be hard to believe, if it didn’t seem like there was a pattern here.

Previously, Abedin said meeting Clinton for the first time was “inspiring” and that their “eyes connected.”

“You know, I still remember the look on her face,” Abedin said at the time. “And it’s funny, and she would probably be so annoyed that I say this, but I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, she’s so beautiful and she’s so little!'”

“And I had such a fan-girl moment and I was hooked,” Abedin added. “I mean, and that sort of was my … that’s my first kind of – my memory.”

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