Listen to unbelievable way CNN host describes anti-Trump thugs who ravaged city streets

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CNN isn’t even trying to hide their liberal bias these days.

Following the violent riots and anti-Donald Trump protesters throwing rocks at cars, smashing police cars, and bloodying Trump supporters, CNN’s Chris Cuomo simply labeled the crowd as “dissatisfied citizens.”

Commentator Matt Lewis called the crowd a group of “leftist agitators,” but Cuomo was quick to correct him, deeming that term too harsh for the violent rioters.

“Juana, now Matt is using the term “leftist agitator” to keep it in the political sphere, but, as we know, a lot of those people on that street were just dissatisfied citizens who were taking out their dissatisfaction the wrong way in anger and destroying a lot of property there,” Cuomo said. “But what does it speak to there in terms of the climate in which this general election will take place?”

The Media Research Center captured the segment:

But, does this look like just a group of “dissatisfied citizens” to you? 

We report, you decide.

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