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Left touts lesbian getting kicked out of bathroom video as proof of law’s injustice; but is it relevant?

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Proponents of the push to allow grown men to go to the bathroom with girls and women have been circulating a video on social media.

It purports to show a lesbian woman in North Carolina being kicked out of a women’s bathroom by police because of the new bathroom privacy law in the state.

But a closer look at the propaganda video reveals some interesting facts.

The Internet fact-checking website Snopes reported that the video had nothing to do with the state’s law and was, most likely, not even filmed in North Carolina.

Moreover, according to Snopes, a Facebook page called “Urban Leak” published the video in December of 2015, long before there was a bathroom law in the state.

The video has since been touted by left-wing Facebook pages like “Occupy Democrats” as proof of the injustice of bathroom privacy laws.

And while the video does show someone who claims she’s a woman (and looks like a woman dressing like a man), being kicked out of a bathroom due to complaints, it still does not address the danger of allowing men free access to women’s bathrooms.

There wouldn’t have been an incident to report if women were comfortable with men invading their privacy in public restrooms. With or without laws to dictate it, women feel vulnerable and violated if, at their most private moments, they have to worry about the opposite sex lurking in bathrooms and locker rooms. And that doesn’t even touch on the problem of predators who will use the law to get easy access to young girls.

As a postscript: at least once in all of our lives, we’ve probably mistaken someone for being pregnant when they are not or called someone’s precious baby girl a “him.” Visual mistakes are made about people sometimes, especially when they are actually trying to portray themselves as the opposite gender. What exactly does this have to do with allowing men in ladies rooms?

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