Thief’s family mad at homeowner for shooting him: He’s a victim, ‘how else he gonna get money?’

The family of a Miami teenager who was shot and killed while burglarizing a home is blasting the homeowner for defending her property. Trevon Johnson, 17, died […]

hillary screen shot
If you’re worried Trump can’t beat Hillary, you haven’t seen THIS!

Fresh off the heels of Tuesday’s dominating performance in several state primaries, to include winner-take-all Florida, Republican front-runner Donald Trump set his sights Wednesday on Democratic rival […]

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Motivational speaker gives heavy dose of tough love to students who interrupted him

Motivational speaker Eric Thomas didn’t take kindly to being interrupted while speaking to a group of mostly black students in St. Louis, Missouri, last month, and did […]

GOP official reminds voters: We choose nominee, not you

Voters have been coming out in droves to vote for their presidential candidate of choice. That fire is quickly dimmed with the reminder that it is in fact the political […]

Funniest correction ever issued by the New York Times

President Obama announced Merrick Garland as his recommendation for Supreme Court Justice on Wednesday after formulating the best propaganda campaign possible to smear the Republican senate. While […]

Fox News debate cancelled after Trump says he’s not coming

The next Republican presidential primary debate has been cancelled, the Fox News network confirmed Wednesday. The news came after front-runner Donald Trump announced on “Fox & Friends” […]

Trump humiliates Rubio one last time for good measure

As if Marco Rubio’s primary loss in his home state of Florida was not humiliating enough, the senator’s Republican rival Donald Trump posted a video tweet that just […]

Trump warns of ‘riots’ if nomination is snatched from him by contested convention

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump warned “bad things would happen” if he wins the most delegates ahead of the convention in July, but is denied the nomination.

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Revealing video debunks claim anti-Trump protests were organic

The irony is not lost in seeing the flood of hate pouring from the left in defiance of what they claim to be “hate” represented by Republican […]

Four years of SHRILL! Twitter erupts over Hillary’s shrieking voice in victory speech last night

While giving her victory speech Tuesday night after sweeping a number of state primaries, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton sounded like she was about to lose her voice from screeching. It was […]

Megyn Kelly returns fire on Trump

The Donald Trump versus Megyn Kelly saga is far from over. While primary results were rolling in Tuesday night, Trump took umbrage with Kelly’s reporting and unleashed […]

Governor threatens to build wall around California if Trump becomes president

What Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., just promised to do if GOP front-runner Donald Trump becomes president may turn out to be the most persuasive pro-Trump argument conservatives […]