Beach babes gone wild! Woman viciously beaten by bikini-clad gang

Want hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning news blastHERE A vicious beating perpetrated by three bikini clad women on one helpless victim has […]

Liberal Susan Sarandon freaks out Hollywood by implying Trump could be better choice than Hillary

Hollywood star Susan Sarandon cleared the sme amidst suspicions that she would cast her vote for GOP front-runner Donald Trump if Bernie Sanders were unable to secure the Democratic nominee.

People reveal what they really think about National Enquirer covering politics

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph asks Americans what they think about the National Enquirer.

Audit: University rejected state’s own students in favor of outsiders, foreigners

The University of California is increasingly rejecting the state’s own residents in favor of foreign and out-of-state applicants who pay higher tuition rates, a newly-published audit of the school’s admission process says.

GunTV, home shopping network for firearms, hopes to launch with a bang this week

A new cable TV channel will be launched Thursday night — one that’s bound to be a hit for Sen. Ted Cruz, but will most assuredly be on Hillary Clinton’s hit list.

Detroit teacher: $1 million in bribes ‘a little bit unethical’

A public school teacher in Detroit is upset the federal government is daring to prosecute public school principals who allegedly to close to a million dollars in bribes, arguing it was only a “little bit unethical” and was really no big deal.

Piers Morgan takes on starlets for naked selfies; ‘RIP Feminism!’

Want hot BPR News stories? Sign up for our morning news blastHERE Piers Morgan may have a lot to learn about the Second Amendment, but when […]

Obama admin plans big fines for schools that don’t follow Michelle’s lunch rules

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed a new regulation that would start levying big fines on schools that fail to adhere to school lunch regulations promoted by first lady Michelle Obama.

EXCLUSIVE: Failed Reagan assassin secretly lives in lap of luxury, and nobody seems to know

The man responsible for shooting then-President Ronald Reagan spends much of his time in a posh, gated resort residence near Virginia’s scenic James River located just outside of Williamsburg.

Diversity workshop says beige bandaids are white privilege

As part of a “cultural competency workshop,” students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are being assigned a score based on the amount of “white privilege” they may have.

Trump protesters not sure why they’re protesting: ‘They certainly aren’t coherent’

A group of Donald Trump protesters were interviewed to find out what exactly their complaints were about the Republican presidential front-runner. The majority didn’t have a clue — they only knew that he was bad.

Father does own research to get real number of US citizens killed by illegal immigrant drivers

After losing his son to an unlicensed illegal immigrant driver five years ago, Don Rosenberg decided to conduct his own research on just how many U.S. citizens lose their lives at the hands of undocumented drivers.

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