Piers Morgan takes on starlets for naked selfies; ‘RIP Feminism!’

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Piers Morgan may have a lot to learn about the Second Amendment, but when it comes to the topic of starlets taking gratuitous naked pictures of themselves, he’s got it nailed.

Morgan let Kim Kardashian and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski have it after the two posted a half-naked selfie of themselves to social media for all the world to see.

Adding to the “class,” the narcissistic duo were flipping the bird as they gazed and puckered at themselves in a bathroom mirror.

“When were like … we both have nothing to wear, LOL,” read Kardashian’s caption.

You can almost hear the glass-ceiling breakers of yesteryear who fought to be taken seriously rolling over in their graves. Morgan took note and asked the duo to try on a little dignity.

Morgan didn’t stop there and declared feminism dead.

Naturally, this started a Twitter war:

Good point. Whew.

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H/T: Twitchy.com


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