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Father does own research to get real number of US citizens killed by illegal immigrant drivers

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After losing his son to an unlicensed illegal immigrant driver five years ago, Don Rosenberg decided to conduct his own research on just how many U.S. citizens lose their lives at the hands of undocumented drivers.

Rosenberg’s research revealed that as many as 7,500 Americans (20 per day) are killed annually by drivers who don’t have driver’s licenses, according to a report by Fox News.

Among those deaths, Rosenberg found that more than half are at the hands of drivers who are not only unlicensed, but also illegal immigrants.

“I was stunned at what I found,” Rosenberg told Fox News. “Not only were unlicensed drivers killing people in numbers only exceeded by drunk drivers, but many times they were barely being punished and many times faced no charges at all.”

Rosenberg’s son Drew was a 25 year-old Golden Gate University student when he was struck on his motorcycle in San Francisco, Calif., by Roberto Galo, an illegal immigrant. Galo ran over Drew Rosenberg twice, killing him.

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