Revealing video debunks claim anti-Trump protests were organic

The irony is not lost in seeing the flood of hate pouring from the left in defiance of what they claim to be “hate” represented by Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Leading up to the chaos that erupted in Chicago on Friday, which resulted in Trump cancelling a scheduled rally there, an anti-Trump protester was captured on video explaining their strategy. He did not seem to grasp, or care, that he gave away any pretense that the protest was organic:

H/T: Gateway Pundit

As for the aforementioned hate from the left, Rebelpundit’s Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus, director of the motion picture “Hating Breitbart,” captured plenty of it Friday in Chicago:

“Among those filmed at the rally were Revolution Communist Party USA figures, domestic terrorist and Obama-mentor Bill Ayers, faculty from the University of Illinois-Chicago, anarchists, and other professional radical organizers. The protest itself was violent and hate-filled, organized with mass-produced posters and t-shirts for attendees, designed not to voice a counter opinion but to intimidate, mock, belittle, and shut down the ability of rally attendees to hear a presidential candidate.”


*Caution: Strong Language

Tom Tillison


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