Ex-Subway pitchman Jared Fogle attacked in bloody prison yard ambush

Former Subway pitchman and convicted child sex offender Jared Fogle got a taste of prison justice. According to celebrity news website TMZ, Fogle suffered a swollen face, […]

Trump tells Fox News exactly what he thinks about its next debate

Donald Trump put an end to speculation over whether or not he would be participating in the next Republican presidential debate. Speaking to “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, […]

Team Trump defends denying access to ‘glorified blogger’

A spokesperson for Donald Trump, who was responding to reports that journalists may be denied entry into some of the Republican candidate’s events, defended decisions by the campaign. Katrina […]

breitbart2 screen shot
Breitbart sends ‘cease and desist’ letters to former staffers reminding them of legal agreement

When now former editor-at-large Ben Shapiro joined with five other employees to resign from Breitbart News, he referred to chairman Steve Bannon as “a bully.” In the wake […]

Clutter clears for Cruz, now what?

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said American voters have a “clear choice” between himself and rival Donald Trump in the coming election. Cruz spoke to supporters in his home […]

Trump unloads on ‘unwatchable Crazy Megyn’ in tweet rant following primaries

As the results came in for the Republican primaries on Tuesday, Donald Trump unleashed a series of Twitter posts attacking Fox News and Megyn Kelly. The GOP […]

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GOP’s eulogy? Rubio withdraws after home state loss

After losing by almost 20 points in his home state, Marco Rubio officially suspended his campaign Tuesday night. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump garnered 45.8 percent of […]

Bill’s wife Hillary says US needs president that doesn’t embarrass the country

Does Hillary Clinton think before she speaks? If her victory speech on Tuesday is any indication, the answer is no. “Our commander-in-chief has to be able to […]

Trump forgoes questions on victory night to tell funny, embarrassing campaign story

An upbeat Donald Trump took the stage for a victory speech on Tuesday night following the primaries, but he did have one complaint. After complimenting Marco Rubio […]