Megyn Kelly returns fire on Trump

The Donald Trump versus Megyn Kelly saga is far from over.

While primary results were rolling in Tuesday night, Trump took umbrage with Kelly’s reporting and unleashed a tweet storm bashing her.

After the Republican front-runner gave his victory speech, Kelly fired back by pointing out that Trump has been the beneficiary of media predominance, being able to play the media like a fiddle.

“There was a stat that just came out said in the last month alone, Trump earned media coverage of $400 million worth, meaning you get yourself on TV and you don’t pay for it. It’s not an ad. You just something that gets yourself coverage on television — $400 million — which is what John McCain spent on his 2008 campaign. The reality is that Trump’s ability to control the media has been a huge weapon for him in this race,” she said.

She circled back to Trump’s war with the media in general when she spoke to Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson about the Trump campaign denying press credentials to a reporter who was critical of Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

“You understand that there’s a First Amendment, there’s freedom of the press and you don’t get to snuff that out when you’re the president of the United States,” Kelly fired at Pierson. “Does he understand that?”

Carmine Sabia


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