Couple pays $4.99 for Purple Heart at Goodwill, finds rightful family

A Mesa, Arizona, couple stumbled on the highly regarded Purple Heart medal at their local Goodwill store for a whopping $4.99, local news KNXV reported.

Feeling undeserving of the award, Laurie Hardy took it upon herself to find the hero whose name was engraved on the medal, Eual H. Whiteman.

Discovering that the World War II veteran had passed away in 1991, Hardy, with the help of workers from Goodwill and the Veteran Buddy Finder group, was able to locate Whiteman’s former sister-in-law Phyllis Lawson in Missouri.

Lawson reflected on Whiteman as “a very impressive looking man, very tall and muscular,” according to KNXV, who also acted as a stuntman in the 1967 Kirk Douglass movie “The Way West.”

Hardy also learned that Whiteman’s father had received a Purple Heart, but was never able to witness his son obtain the same honor.

“Legacy is something we don’t have a lot of and it’s precious to ya,” Lawson said with appreciation.

She offered to pay for the award but Hardy refused: “I said ‘no, this is my good deed for the day.’”

H/T: Fox News


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