Mizzou will now require ‘diversity intensive’ courses for graduation

Still reeling from last year’s student protests, the University of Missouri took action this week on two more diversity demands, hiring a chief diversity officer and requiring students to complete diversity-themed courses.

Fighting ISIS: Oliver North hosts special on the battle ahead

With this week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels dominating the news, a timely Fox News Channel special report, “War Stories: Fighting ISIS,” is scheduled to air on Friday. […]

This really happened! Man arrested for not returning VHS tape ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ he rented in 2002

In 2002, a man from Concord, North Carolina, rented and failed to return a VHS movie … little did he know that he would be arrested for […]

trump rally screen shot
NPR offering ‘wuss’ reporters ‘Trump Training’ to deal with hostile campaign events

At least there have been no mortar attacks. In the finest spirit of safe spaces found on college campuses across America, National Public Radio has taken the […]

‘Never Trump’ fails again; poll says Cruz and Kasich supporters pick Trump as second choice

The ‘Never Trump’ hashtag campaign perpetuated by Republican Party elites and top conservatives seems to be plummeting more than ever. Yet Sen. Ted Cruz continues to claim […]

Anti-Trump protesters reveal ad on Craigslist promised to pay them $16 an hour

Violent riots and clashes at Donald Trump’s rallies were suppose to have the appearance of organic protests against the GOP presidential front-runner. But apparently, everything has its price. […]

Whoopi goes BANANAS when Trump bashes ‘The View’ in live-tweets

After Ben Carson’s heated interview with the women of “The View,” where he was repeatedly attacked for supporting Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner took to Twitter to […]

John Kerry’s State Dept. to spend millions of taxpayer money to create ‘television drama series’

Just when you thought federal government spending couldn’t get anymore frivolous, it proposes this idea. Under Secretary of State John Kerry, the State Department is looking to […]

Here’s how Belgian Muslim terrorists can still enter US legally even after Brussels attacks

The Islamic terror attacks in the Belgium capital of Brussels has rocked the world, but don’t expect the U.S. to be entirely out of harm’s way. Although […]

Released Gitmo prisoners have killed Americans, Defense Dept. confirms to lawmakers

Not only are released Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) detainees reverting back to their terrorist ways, but they’re also killing Americans in the process. Since being released from Gitmo, […]

HuffPo writer celebrates North Korean blow against student as lesson in ‘white privilege’

For a Huffington Post writer, North Korea’s harsh sentence handed down to American student Otto Warmbier isn’t a story about an overly repressive government or injustice, it’s a story […]

‘The Walking Dead’ joins fight to stomp religious freedom law; Disney, Marvel vow to stop filming in Georgia

Disney and “The Walking Dead” have found common ground in opposing a religious liberty bill in the state of Georgia as Hollywood rallies in support of gay […]

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