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John Kerry’s State Dept. to spend millions of taxpayer money to create ‘television drama series’

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Just when you thought federal government spending couldn’t get anymore frivolous, it proposes this idea.

Under Secretary of State John Kerry, the State Department is looking to spend up to $1.5 million in Afghanistan … not to fund efforts to hunt Islamic terrorists or even infiltrate terror networks in the region: Instead, the $1.5 million in taxpayer money will go towards creating a “television drama series” that the State Department says will enhance critical thinking skills and help end the region’s reign of terror, according to the agency’s grant site.

“This grant will fund the development and broadcast of a television drama series in which young people grapple with everyday frustrations and lack of opportunity, while growing and learning through new experiences,” the grant description states. “The drama will be grounded in reality but will also contain compelling creative content (i.e. storytelling, resonant narratives, strong characters, sophisticated production, etc.).”

“In short, it will strive to be entertaining while challenging viewers to engage in critical thinking by placing characters in situations where they are faced with a choice: support universal values of tolerance and peace or be drawn into the dark world of extremism,” a description of the grant continues.

The grant description concludes by saying the characters of the drama series with be “aspirational” and “will provide positive role models” for teens in the region who face the choice to join Islamic terror organizations.

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