Priceless, Hillary to Trump: You’re not allowed to shift blame to subordinates

Anyone who has followed Hillary Clinton’s career knows she has a talent for shifting blame to subordinates.

Petition calling for open carry at Republican Convention started by ‘Hillary-supporting troll’

Tens of thousands ofpeople signed an on petition to allow the open carry of guns at the Republican National Convention, but the petition was actually created by […]

Video: Black student accosts white male over dreadlocks; charges ‘cultural appropriation’

A video going viral on YouTube shows an African American student at San Francisco State University haggling a white male student about his hairstyle.

New Jersey could fine or jail you for texting while walking: ‘Not immediate execution?’

New Jersey Democratic Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt is proposing legislation to ban the use of non-hands-free devices while walking in the garden state. Yes, walking.

‘Pandemonium’: Mob of parents rush field ‘like locusts’ on kids PEZ Easter egg hunt

Crazy parents in Orange, Connecticut, ruined an Easter egg hunt sponsored by PEZ Candy when they rushed the field where the eggs were hidden.

Guy blows leg off shooting explosives-packed lawnmower: ‘Hey, y’all, watch this!’

A Georgia man blew off his own leg this weekend while shooting at a lawnmower that he had packed with explosives.

Cruz sex scandal publisher and Trump are pals; don’t expect any ‘Lyin’ Pecker’ tweets

After the National Enquirer published a story about an alleged sex scandal involving Senator Ted Cruz, some are callingshenanigansbecause of Donald Trump’s close relationship with the Enquirer’sCEO […]

Editorial: Belgian Muslims ‘most pampered minorities in Western history’

Muslim oppression in western Europe is a ‘pernicious myth’ asMuslim immigrants inordinately benefit from the welfare state in places like Belgium was the argument made in an […]

Even die-hard Trump fans doubt tabloid Cruz sex scandal story, one alleged mistress denies

Even pro-Trump fans are having trouble believing the “shocking” sex scandal story published by a well-known tabloid Thursday. Conservative editor Jim Hoft regularly shows no for […]

This really happened! Man arrested for not returning VHS tape ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ he rented in 2002

In 2002, a man from Concord, North Carolina, rented and failed to return a VHS movie … little did he know that he would be arrested for […]

HuffPo writer celebrates North Korean blow against student as lesson in ‘white privilege’

For a Huffington Post writer, North Korea’s harsh sentence handed down toAmerican student Otto Warmbier isn’t a story about an overly repressive government orinjustice, it’s a story […]

Former ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ star gets reality check after complaining about ‘pitiful teaching moment’ of campaign

This GOP primary has been anything but civil, and at times,it has gotten downright personal.Veteran television actress Holly Robinson Peete isn’t thrilled with having to explain it […]