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Cruz sex scandal publisher and Trump are pals; don’t expect any ‘Lyin’ Pecker’ tweets

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After the National Enquirer published a story about an alleged sex scandal involving Senator Ted Cruz, some are calling shenanigans because of Donald Trump’s close relationship with the Enquirer’s CEO David Pecker.

In 2013, Donald Trump even tweeted a recommendation to Time saying they should put Pecker in charge of their operation.


The tabloid has publicly endorsed Trump with the sensational headline “Trump Must be President!” and has published at least one highly negative article about Dr. Ben Carson before he dropped out of the race.

Trump supporters on Twitter gleefully made #CruzSexScandal a trending hashtag after the Enquirer published the story, but even some ardent Trump fans are skeptical.



Don’t expect to see any “Lyin’ Pecker” tweets from Trump any time soon.


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