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Editorial: Belgian Muslims ‘most pampered minorities in Western history’

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Muslim oppression in western Europe is a ‘pernicious myth’ as Muslim immigrants inordinately benefit from the welfare state in places like Belgium was the argument made in an editorial piece for the Investor’s Business Daily.

While terrorists plot attacks like the one in Brussels, the state is subsidizing their existence.

Some of the claims made and figures cited are shocking. “The problem isn’t intolerance. It’s the multiculturalist socialist paradise that the entire European Union affords Muslim immigrants.”

The editorial asserts that:

  • 80% of Muslim immigrants to Europe are on welfare.
  • In Belgium the 5% of the population that is Muslim consumes half of the welfare budget.
  • Being jobless is a conscious choice for many because working would contribute to the infidel economy.
  • Belgium has removed Christianity from its public holidays so as not to offend

An underlying idea in much of the media’s coverage of terrorist attacks like the one in Brussels this week is that the West is somehow at fault for provoking terrorism by being unjust to Muslims and immigrants from Islamic countries. The editorial suggests that “Far from being mistreated, Belgian Muslims are one of the most pampered minorities in Western history.”


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