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Even die-hard Trump fans doubt tabloid Cruz sex scandal story, one alleged mistress denies

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Even pro-Trump fans are having trouble believing the “shocking” sex scandal story published by a well-known tabloid Thursday.

Conservative editor Jim Hoft regularly shows no love for Ted Cruz in his Gateway Pundit blog, but even he’s not biting on the National Enquirer story.


In a post published on Thursday, Hoft noted that the scandal has blown up Twitter and that there has been a lot of gossip about the women with whom the senator from Texas supposedly cheated on his wife Heidi with.

Hoft reached out to one of the women in question and although he doesn’t name her, he does report that she called the story “ridiculous” and “BS.”

Hoft concludes, “National Enquirer hit a homerun with Democrat John Edwards’s love child. They may have struck out on this one.”


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