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HuffPo writer celebrates North Korean blow against student as lesson in ‘white privilege’

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For a Huffington Post writer, North Korea’s harsh sentence handed down to American student Otto Warmbier isn’t a story about an overly repressive government or injustice, it’s a story about Warmbier’s “white privilege.”


Ohio student Warmbier was recently sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea after being convicted of stealing a propaganda sign while visiting the communist country. Huffington Post writer La Sha used the story as a launchpad for a ridiculously tone-deaf exercise in social justice warring and schadenfreude. The writer revels in blaming the victim of unjust sentencing because of the victim’s race, saying, “That kind of reckless gall is an unfortunate side effect of being socialized first as a white boy, and then as a white man in this country.”

For many, the evils of a dictatorship like North Korea are secondary to the opportunity for race baiting.




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