Whoopi goes BANANAS when Trump bashes ‘The View’ in live-tweets

After Ben Carson’s heated interview with the women of “The View,” where he was repeatedly attacked for supporting Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner took to Twitter to live-tweet his view of the daily talk show and its hosts.

Here’s what Trump live-tweeted about Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts: 

When Goldberg saw the tweets from Trump on live television, she went into a tirade. Goldberg asserted that Trump had never come on the show before because he was scared of the line of questioning from “The View.”

Co-host Paula Faris called Goldberg out, saying, “I don’t necessarily think that’s fair,” and added, “It’s clear you guys don’t support him.”

 Goldberg went off on Faris stating that the show’s hosts are always fair to everyone, including Carson, who she had just eviscerated for supporting Trump.

Watch the meltdown here:

[wpvideo Zq7Tv3mN]

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