Female rapper called out for tweeting Sarah Palin be gang-raped by black men

Black, female rapper Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversial comments but calling for someone’s gang rape is low, even for her.

Troubled teens brought to tears when judge gives them tough-love lesson they won’t soon forget

A judge in Georgia took the time to teach some teenagers a lesson that brought them to tears.

Making of vulgar anti-Trump video causes huge commotion until cops shut it down

Two rappers caused a commotion in Los Angeles on Monday when police responded to a music video shoot they thought was a near riot.

Infamous Kentucky judge with race issues sues conduct commission over right to freely express them

One Kentucky Judge is well-known for stirring controversy in the Bluegrass State, and this time he may have taken it too far.

Look what happened to her opponent after Obama endorsed Wasserman Shultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz likely thought she was going to coast into reelection; apparently, she has some competition this time around.

Kids make human arrow to help police helicopter find suspected burglars

A group of kids in England ruined the getaway of a pair of burglars on the run from a police helicopter.

Arab woman goes on stabbing spree in middle of street; watch how Israelis take her down!

In a place like Israel, the threat of a terrorist attack is constantly looming, and citizens and laymen alike are always on high alert.

‘Are you kidding me?’ Mika in disbelief over Hillary’s unethical choice to moderate debate

Hillary Clinton wants the odds stacked as much in her favor as feasibly possible.

Male Muslim students exempt from shaking hands with female teachers

Despite continued terrorist attacks like the ones in Paris and Brussels, many in the West still believe that the way to stop the threat of radical Islam is by appeasement.

Colorado school district allows Satanic booklets to be distributed by atheist in name of fairness

A Colorado school district allowed Satanic and atheist literature to be distributed to its students Friday in the craziest turn yet in the battle between Gideon Bible distributors and activist atheists.

Trump’s idea for ‘gag order’ sparks rumors that Obama’s about to have ‘presidential envy’

Despite reality saying otherwise, President Barack Obama has staked out the claim as the “most transparent administration in history,” but Republican front-runner Donald Trump has other plans in mind if elected president.

Stealing Arizona? Cruz recruits delegates to defect to him in convention fight

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has another trick up his sleeve to snag the Republican presidential nomination from Donald Trump.

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