Herman Cain shuts down anti-Trump activist for unbelievable race-baiting smear

On “The Kelly File” Friday night, host Megyn Kelly and former presidential candidate Herman Cain took on two anti-Trump activists who claim GOP front-runner Donald Trump is a raging racist.

After commenting about the so-called “racist” comments Trump had made, Chicago rioter and guest Ja’mal Green was stymied by Cain’s commonsense approach to politics.

Recommending Green, and other guest Trahern Crews, look up the definition of what it means to be racist, Cain said, “Donald Trump does not satisfy the definition of a racist or any of these other things that they’re putting out there.”

Calling Green and Black Lives Matter member Crews “part of the political noise machine,” Cain rightly noted that “they pick on the sound bites that some people are trying to project as the perception of Donald Trump, and it’s totally inaccurate and unfair.”

“The problem I have is misrepresenting what the man said for their objective, and their objective is destruction and intimidation. That’s their only cause,” Cain added.

One of those misrepresentations was brought up by Crews who claimed Trump had said (emphasis added), “Make America White Again.”

An astonished Kelly and Cain immediately chimed in to shut Crews down.

“Donald Trump has never said that … That would have been big news,” Kelly said.

Cain couldn’t agree more, saying that is the kind of rhetoric fueling much of the hatred in the anti-Trump crowd.

Watch the heated exchange via Fox News below.


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