Krauthammer’s take on state of GOP race: Fight’s over, anti-establishment has won

On Fox News’ “Special Report” Friday night, syndicated columnist and pundit Charles Krauthammer commented on the state of the 2016 presidential race following Sen. Ted Cruz’s press statement in Arizona earlier that day.

In a state where GOP front-runner Donald Trump holds a double-digit lead, it is clear to Krauthammer that Cruz is the only one who could potentially take down Trump in the Copper State.

“Look, the fight between the establishment and anti-establishment is over,” Krauthammer said. “The anti-establishment has won, in the form of Cruz and Trump.”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is apparently not a legitimate threat; according to Krauthammer, it is down to just two GOP contenders.

“The fact is we are down to two candidates. One is a populist, the other’s a conservative. It’s not a hard choice.”

What will your choice be?

Watch the full exchange below via Fox News:


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