Racial confrontation between 2 teens doesn’t end well for one girl

In too many ways, it’s a sad time in America; nowhere is that fact more on display than in a fight between two presumably teenage girls.

The clip was originally posted on Twitter, where the video has been going viral. The footage shows a black girl named Aleeyah confronting an unnamed white girl.

“Are you running up?” Aleeyah appeared to be saying.

When the white girl responded, “No n***a,” all hell broke loose.

One fist to the jaw was all it took to knock the white girl off her feet, but Aleeyah didn’t stop there. The fists kept flying until someone nearby was able to pull Aleeyah off.

It’s not certain what exactly started the altercation, but after all that, does it really matter?

The only thing that matters is what’s going to be done about it since it’s clear that neither girl took the high road in the situation.

The disturbing video can be watched below:


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