michelle obama screen shot
Media gushes over patriotism of First Lady who wasn’t ‘proud of America’ until just 8 years ago

The same adoring media that couldn’t run interference fast enough for Michelle Obama in 2008 when she made a disparaging remark about America were the first to […]

Uh-oh, now even Whoopi Goldberg is ragging on Bernie’s supporters

And it always comes back to one thing . . .

That thing about using kids in campaign videos? Hillary just set a new bar

It is ridiculous that a rotten crook is the first attempt at it.

Trump says he’s the ‘law and order’ candidate — America’s police chiefs just weighed in

Donald Trump has position himself as the “law and order” candidate for president and now he’s getting some backup on that claim.. “Decades of progress made in […]

Think Bernie’s supporters are ticked off? Wait’ll you see how ‘Bachelorette’ fans reacted to his speech

Yes, this is America, 2016.

Sheriff Clarke: ‘This DNC seems to be about embracing criminality, trying to mainstream criminal behavior’

Watch Sheriff Clarke’s comments and Sen. Booker’s speech.

Donald Trump impersonator pulls in loads of cash for popular gig

“Anytime I do any kind of a group event, the first thing I say is, ‘Are there any Mexicans here?,” Di Domenico said.

Look at all those ‘Nazi salutes’ – what, the liberal media didn’t report it like that for the Dems?

It was all the media could talk about for the entire day.

Anti-Hillary delegates are modifying signs at the DNC, and Clinton won’t be a bit amused

Democrats may not be too happy with delegates who have been altering signs at the convention in Philadelphia. It seems some have been modifying the “Love Trumps Hate” signs to read […]

Actress Susan Sarandon is having ‘the worst time ever’ at the Democratic Convention

The DNC convention coronation for Hillary is not sitting well with her. A hilarious video clip . . .

Donald Trump’s on a roll; unveils two new nicknames that both fit Hillary to a T

He’s on a roll, for sure.

Grow up! See how ‘tolerant liberals’ react when Kirstie Alley says something nice about Trump

After Donald Trump won his party’s nomination for president, actress Kirstie Alley jumped to Twitter to send out a message congratulating him on his victory. And then […]

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