Uh-oh, now even Whoopi Goldberg is ragging on Bernie’s supporters

Whoopi Goldberg reprimanded Bernie Sanders supporters who acted out in frustration at the Democratic National Convention.

Commenting on the Vermont senator’s followers who were loudly booing their candidate’s loss, Goldberg said she couldn’t “get mad that the system is rigged against the white guy.”

“The DNC started out a little shaky between the DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down and Bernie Sanders supporters booing,” Goldberg began on Tuesday’s edition of ABC’s “The View.”

“All these wonderful young liberal people who are booing the first female that actually might become president, I don’t get it. Because you all like to talk about how the system is rigged. The system has been rigged forever. It’s been rigged against women for years,” she said.

“This idea you didn’t know the system was rigged—do your homework. It’s been rigged for years,” Goldberg said. “So I can’t look at those and get mad. I can’t get mad that the system is rigged against the white guy. I can’t … I’m talking about Bernie.”

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Frieda Powers


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