Donald Trump impersonator pulls in loads of cash for popular gig

Regardless of how the presidential race ends in November, Donald Trump has been good for business as far as one Pennsylvania man is concerned.

John Di Domenico, otherwise known as “Johnny D,” has been impersonating Trump for more than a decade, long before the GOP nominee declared any presidential aspirations.

A professional impersonator, Di Domenico has performed as everyone from Food Network chef Guy Fieri to Larry King to Austin Powers’s Dr. Evil. He added Trump to his repertoire in 2004, when the real estate mogul’s TV show “The Apprentice” first aired, KSAT-TV reported.

Those early Trump performances were not many, and not profitable until now.

According to KSAT:

“Di Domenico gets at least six calls a day asking to do voice-overs, radio interviews, late night talk show appearances and meet and greets. But his biggest moneymakers are corporate appearances. Di Domenico earns anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000 to roast executives. One month, he even raked in about $40,000.”


“Anytime I do any kind of a group event, the first thing I say is, ‘Are there any Mexicans here?,” Di Domenico said. “There’s usually a round of applause. From that I say, ‘You see that? You see that? The Mexicans love me. They absolutely love me.'”

He does not take his portrayal lightly, reading the latest newspaper stories and watching media coverage to be sure he is current on all things Trump.

“I’m always trying to stay ahead of what’s happening,”Di Domenico told KSAT. . “I’m writing multiple scripts, so I like to drop in the most recent quotes that he says and work a bit around it.” He adds to the authenticity by wearing ties from the Donald J. Trump Collection and sporting wigs made from real human hair, each costing $4,000.

Impersonating people since he was five, Di Domenico went through speech therapy for eight years due to a speech impediment and learned about vocal production and enunciation, according to KSAT. He used the skills he learned to work on mimicking Trump.

“I broke the voice down by throat placement, nasal placement, actual vocal production and the way he kind of forms his lips,” he said.

He has made appearances on almost every major news network and other shows. Asked whether he planned to vote for Trump in November, Di Domenico said,”I’ll put it this way, if I do vote for him, it’ll probably help my career.”

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