Feel good American story, or is Budweiser’s new Super Bowl ad a thinly disguised jab at Trump?

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

While unhinged leftists come unglued over refugee ban, the silent majority stands with Trump

The last polling on the issue . . .

This popular immigration video will forever change the way you view the issue

If you have not watched this, you should!

Azealia Banks can’t take the Trump bashing one minute longer, doxes Rihanna in online ‘cat fight’

Popcorn anyone?

New England Patriots owner reveals how Trump remained a steadfast friend through his darkest hours

They built a personal bond stronger than politics.

Unreal! CNN interviews, protects identities of ‘former jihadists’ who say Trump’s travel ban is harmful

“Isn’t this what you dream of?”

Move over Russia; furious Hillary staffers have a new scapegoat for her devastating loss

“If he had done more…”

Despite the media’s onslaught, donations are rolling in for the RNC since Trump won the election

“We are already in prime position to amplify President Trump’s message of change…”

Fla. House speaker admits state can’t thoroughly vet refugees, thanks Trump for bold and protective action

“Thank you for fighting to correct past neglect, and, on behalf of the Florida House of Representatives, I offer my support.”

President Trump lays it out for big pharma: Drug prices must come down

Enough of the crony capitalism.

‘Heartless!’ Trump admin will allow 872 refugees into U.S. this week

“I’m sure the protesters will assume credit for that.”

Is this the Trump antidote libs are hoping for? Oprah announces TV comeback on ‘historic news program’

“There is only one Oprah.”

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